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Solar Industry Update June 2020

Jul 13, 2020 10:15:00 AM / by Paul Fischer


Breiter Planet Properties President Andrew Breiter-Wu gives a solar industry update.


He touches on Democrats pressing FERC to reject an anti-net metering petition. The anti net metering petition was brought up by the New England Ratepayers Association, and the petition would ultimately lead to the end of net metering as a practice.


Andrew also touched on the Treasury Department extending the Safe harbor provisions for the Solar Investment Tax Credit until October 15th. In response to the coronavirus, the Treasury Department will give solar companies more time to qualify for the credit.



Next, he discusses Virginia aiming to make solar “faster, easier, and more affordable.”


Finally, Andrew discusses how the energy sector will never be the same after covid-19. The coronavirus has disrupted life as we know it, and as we slowly come out of the pandemic, which won't be anytime soon, our way of life will not be the same.


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Paul Fischer

Written by Paul Fischer

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