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The Land Down Under

Apr 12, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by Paul Fischer posted in Commercial Solar, Utilities, Utility-Scale PV, Microgrids, Fossil Fuels, Coal, Solar Plus Storage, Climate Change, Industrial Solar, utility scale storage, Australia, Grids, Industrial PV, Utility Scale Markets, Coal Plants, Grid of the Future


Australia, the Land Down Under, is a very interesting and exciting place for renewable energy. The high levels of irradiance it receives makes it a great place for solar power to flourish. Australia has also seen its fair share of natural disasters caused at least in part by a warming planet. A transition to clean energy can help fight against climate change and it makes sense financially. As Australia continues on its journey to a clean energy economy, the rest of the world can observe what works and what causes challenges.

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What is going on in Texas? #ERCOTfail

Feb 17, 2021 3:45:00 PM / by Paul Fischer posted in Solar Energy, United States, Markets, Texas, Power Generation, Fossil Fuels, Coal, Wind Energy, Climate Change, ERCOT, Energy Transition, Technology, natural gas, Coal Plants, Power Outages, Republican, Democrat, txenergy, txwx, txpoweroutage, Climate Disruption, txlege



Image: Weather Service International

This picture shows the temperature (in Fahrenheit) departure from normal during this recent cold snap. 


Late Sunday night, extraordinarily cold temperatures made their way into Texas. As the temperature dropped, the people of Texas switched on the heat, with much of it being electric, in an effort to stay warm. Unfortunately, people weren't the only ones to feel the cold grip of mother nature. Extremely low temperatures, ice, and snow caused power plants to go offline. As the demand for power rapidly shot up, supply drastically fell. 

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Decommissioning coal – an opportunity for energy storage?

May 18, 2020 9:15:00 AM / by George Hilton, Analyst, IHS Markit posted in Renewable Energy, Solar, Energy Storage, Decarbonize, Fossil Fuels, Coal, Wind Energy, Spain, Energy Generation, World, Base Load, Peak Demand, Carbon Emissions, Coal Plants, Co-Location


The Drax Power Station near Selby, North Yorkshire, is the single largest CO2 emitter in the U.K. Its owner plans to replace the coal-fired units with gas power and a 200 MW battery.

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