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Aug 7, 2020 12:30:00 PM / by Paul Fischer


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Breiter Planet Properties President Andrew Breiter-Wu takes you on a virtual tour of our new Online Solar Shop. In less than 5 minutes you can navigate through the online shop and realize your solar energy dreams. Our prices cannot be beat, and we are dedicated to helping you throughout the entire process.

As technology has advanced and more solar projects have been developed, prices have fallen. State and federal level incentives that are available to make the switch to solar even more affordable.


At Breiter Planet Properties, we leverage these market conditions to provide ultimate value to our customers. We are excited to offer the lowest cost solar projects in the country. We ensure our customers get the best value on the market while providing high quality equipment and reliable labor.


Home Solar:

By having Breiter Planet Properties install a solar project on your home, in your backyard, or over your driveway, you are able to power your home and avoid the rising costs of electricity from your utility company. In addition, putting solar on your home allows you to own where your energy comes from. If you're a homeowner with fluctuating cash flows, going solar also helps you better forecast and manage your energy expenses by giving you predictability and control in your energy costs.


Tesla Powerwall:

Breiter Planet Properties is proud to be able to offer the Tesla Powerwall for all solar and non solar projects. Our pricing for the Powerwall encompasses the full cost of equipment, engineering, permitting, and installation.


Commercial & Utility Scale Solar Cash Purchase:

Breiter Planet Properties is able to build your solar projects at the lowest price in the nation and with the highest quality equipment through our extensive experience in developing and delivering billions of dollars worth of solar projects locally, domestically, and across the globe. Our cost efficiencies across our multi-billion dollars worth of projects currently under development allows us to deliver more cost effective projects than solar development firms across the country that have much smaller development pipelines and spread their high operating costs over to the price you pay for your project.


Solar Subscription:

When pursuing a solar subscription option, it allows you to purchase energy at a lower cost than the utility company from a solar project that we develop, install, own, operate and maintain. We take on the capital expenditure to allow you to reap the financial benefits of the solar project. Assess Your Property For a Solar Site Lease: Explore options of a Land Lease or Roof Lease, both of which allow you to monetize your property while Breiter Planet Properties takes care of all permitting, operation and maintenance of the solar project. We also make it easier than ever to access solar for your home, property, or business. Check out our new Online Shop to see how you can take advantage of the easiest and least expensive solar options available!


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Paul Fischer

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