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Breiter Planet Properties Official Partner of Generac

Nov 10, 2020 10:02:00 AM / by Paul Fischer


Breiter Planet Properties is excited to announce that we are now an official partner of Generac. Founded in 1959, Generac boasts the title of #1 manufacturer of home backup generators. 




In the spring of 2019, Generac made two strategic acquisitions to propel themselves into the clean energy space. In March, Generac acquired Neurio, an energy data company headquartered in Vancouver, B.C. “Neurio’s hardware and software solutions equip users with the intelligence to manage and control electrical loads, solar systems and batteries to optimize energy consumption and increase savings.” (Source


In April, Generac acquired Pika Energy, a battery storage technology manufacturer. “Pika is an expert in developing advanced power electronics, software and controls for smart energy storage and management, and their integrated energy storage systems allow users to easily capture, store and use solar energy to reduce energy costs and minimize grid disruptions.” (Source)


Combining Generac’s reputation, resources, and reach with the cleantech expertise of Pika Energy and Neurio Technology has thrust Generac to the top of the market for energy storage in the clean energy industry.


In this clip from Mad Money, President and CEO of Generac, Aaron Jagdfeld identifies trends that are causing the PWRCell to fly off the shelves. Traditional methods of electricity generation and consumption are changing from a centralized system, where electricity is generated in one location and transmitted hundreds of miles to the consumers home, to a more decentralized system, where electricity is being generated and consumed onsite. In a centralized scenario, electricity consumers pay for the antiquated infrastructure and the transmission of electricity over vast distances. As we progress into a clean energy economy, more and more renewable energy like solar and wind will be generated onsite, or much closer to the point of consumption,  slashing energy costs.


At Breiter Planet Properties, we are dedicated to bringing the predictability and control in where your energy comes from while maximizing energy savings to our customers. Lock your project in today so you can take advantage of the Federal ITC, which is currently at 26%, but will be falling to 22% in 2021.


Energy generated onsite (i.e. rooftop solar) will need to be accompanied with energy storage to fully unlock its potential, especially if net metering policies have not been adopted by the state. Energy generated by the panels are stored in the PWRcell, allowing the homeowner full control over when and how to use their energy.

Generac PWRcell

Control over your electricity generation and consumption can help save money on certain utility fees like Time of Use Rates, but it also provides energy resilience in the face of climate change, another trend that Jagdfeld identifies in this clip. Not only is solar energy cleaner and better for the environment than traditional coal fired power plants, it also provides energy resilience. When powerful storms bring down power lines causing energy to go out, or utilities enforce blackouts, most people just live with the reality that they will not have electricity until the utilities figure it out. In certain cases these power outages could last for days, causing food in the refrigerator to go bad, people to be unable to work and learn from home, or, God forbid, critical medical devices to lose power and fail. Solar plus storage keeps the power on in crucial times, when you need it the most.


As a partner of Generac, we can help you achieve energy resilience. We install tier one solar modules for the lowest price point in the country before incentives. Pair that with a Generac PWRCell and sleep easy knowing you have control over where your power comes from. 





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Paul Fischer

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