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Biden's First Steps

Jan 25, 2021 9:30:00 AM / by Paul Fischer

On Wednesday, January 20th, Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States of America. He acted swiftly on environmental issues.


First, he signed an executive order for the United States to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. This will show other nations that the United States is ready to act aggressively and collaboratively to work towards a cleaner planet. Biden also signed an executive order blocking the Keystone XL Pipeline, which was built to transport crude oil from Canada to the United States. Both of these actions are victories for environmentalists and set the tone for how the Biden Administration will act moving forward.


We wrote a blog back in November titled What does a Biden victory mean for clean energy? Within his first few hours in office, it is encouraging to see that he has stuck to his word so far.


It is a good start, but it will take a lot more hard work to deliver on some of Biden’s more ambitious climate and energy goals. Democrats winning the runoff election in Georgia will likely lead to more renewable energy friendly laws passing. With more support for renewable energy like solar and wind, the future of renewables is bright. 


Even with the past administration’s lack of support, the solar industry powered on. “The U.S. utility sector has also made a dramatic turn toward clean energy since the exit from the Paris Agreement, bolstered by the economics of renewable energy and by state mandates and corporate demands for carbon reduction. In the past four years, most major U.S. electric utilities have committed to net-zero or zero-carbon emissions goals, most of them aimed at a 2050 target, and some seeking even more aggressive timelines.” (GreenTech Media


No matter the level of support the renewable energy sector receives, it is clear that the global shift to a clean energy economy is well underway. Breiter Planet Properties is excited to contribute to this transition. We help property owners, land owners, and businesses take advantage of the benefits solar energy has to offer. Install a solar project with Breiter Planet Properties and take control of your electricity consumption and expenses today.

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Paul Fischer

Written by Paul Fischer

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