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Solar Mandate for New York Real Estate Owners

Jun 17, 2019 10:11:56 AM / by Andrew Breiter-Wu

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Climate change is bearing down on us all. It seems like every other day, another species dies, or another damning report is released regarding mankind’s future on planet earth. Rarely, do we get to read promising or uplifting news. It feels good to report some good news. In April 2019, the New York City Council passed the Climate Mobilization Act. This Act implemented laws to successfully reduce emissions. The focus of the Climate Mobilization Act is on the buildings of New York City, the main source of emissions in the Big Apple. In fact, buildings in NYC produce just over two thirds of the emissions of the city.

Included in this bill is a Solar Mandate Act. “A contiguous area of a sustainable roofing zone measuring less than 200 square feet (18.5 m 2 ) shall be equipped with at least a solar photovoltaic electricity generating system if such a system would accommodate at least 4kW of solar photovoltaic electricity generating capacity”. (Introduction 1032-A of Solar Mandate Legislation)

With the Climate Mobilization Act in place, property owners must take action. Breiter Planet Properties provides the capital to creatively model and structure solar deals that drive value to property owners while allowing them to comply with this legislation.

Breiter Planet Properties designs unique options to help your building transition to renewables. One option is to allow us to finance and install solar on your roof and use the energy to meet your own electric needs. This allows you to purchase electricity at a fixed rate so you can better predict your electrical expenses. By generating electricity onsite, transmission costs are minimized, giving you predictability and control in your energy usage.

One of the most common options among our customers is to lease your roof space to us and allow us to finance, and install a solar system, then sell the energy to your local community. If you own property and have a rooftop, but do not have an energy load or need to take advantage of the energy savings, lease your roof to Breiter Planet so that we can monetize your roof and maximize your income per square foot.

The Solar Mandate will go into effect November 13th, 2019. Work with Breiter Planet Properties today to see what compliance looks like for your property.


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Andrew Breiter-Wu

Written by Andrew Breiter-Wu

President of Breiter Planet Properties + Solar Developer + Social Entrepreneur + Enviro-Capitalist + Hustling Everyday to maximize my impact on this planet!

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