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Nikola Goes Public: Next Tesla or Enron? Execution, Execution, Execution!

Jun 12, 2020 10:27:13 PM / by Andrew Breiter-Wu


Nikola went public last week and this was the first full week of the stock being public.

Could it become the new Tesla?..... Trevor Milton states "WE ARE AS VALUABLE AS FORD"..... All Elon Musky like hype??? Are they leveraging hype???

They could either be the future Tesla or future Enron… its all about Execution, Execution, Execution.....

We are bullish on the hydrogen economy as a company and want Nikola to be able to succeed. We are crossing our fingers for their success and ability to execute their plans.

Disclosure: Andrew Breiter-Wu personally owns shares in both Nikola and Tesla stock. Please do not construe any of his comments as investment advice.


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Andrew Breiter-Wu

Written by Andrew Breiter-Wu

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