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Congratulations Jean Family!

Mar 22, 2019 9:26:49 AM / by Andrew Breiter-Wu

We just started and completed the Jean Family's solar installation for their home in Everett, Massachusetts last week

It's always an exciting moment when the trucks pull up and the ladders hit the roof on install day. In the months prior, we worked closely with the entire Jean family to consult on their best options, get them approved for a solar ownership option, and guide them through the development process from start to finish. They are able to take advantage of the SMART Program (solar incentive program), the Massachusetts tax credit, and the federal tax credit by owning their system. 


As a company, we are very passionate about bringing solar access to all by simplifying the solar buying process and providing the best possible customer experience, from project exploration to project completion and beyond. We appreciate every community that we are accepted into from the Northeast, to the Mid-Atlantic, to the Mid-West, the West Coast and all the way down to the South.


Thank you Jean Family for trusting in us as your personal energy consultants and we look forward to continued work throughout the greater Everett community as we focus on providing solar access to all!


If you are a building owner, land owner, homeowner, business owner, or non-profit, please reach out to us and we are happy to assess how you can fully monetize your property with the benefits of solar while spreading our impact into your community. 


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Andrew Breiter-Wu

Written by Andrew Breiter-Wu

President of Breiter Planet Properties + Solar Developer + Social Entrepreneur + Enviro-Capitalist + Hustling Everyday to maximize my impact on this planet!

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