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6 Tips for Installing Solar for New Construction Properties

Aug 3, 2018 12:30:00 PM / by Krish Gaurav Tilokani

When preparing for the construction of a new building, it’s the perfect time to make your property Solar-ready. Whether or not you’re ready to go Solar now, making the property Solar-ready helps ensure a smoother process when you are. If you plan to install Solar on a new construction, here are some tips for you:


  1. Orient the roof for solar: A south-facing roof receives the maximum amount of sunlight for the greatest portion of the day. Ideally, the roof must be constructed at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees in order to maximize output.


  2. Design roof layout to optimize for Solar: Chimneys, dormers and vents must be avoided as they can cause shading or limit the available roof space for solar. If they must be constructed, place them strategically on northern mountain plains or on the sides of the property, in order to minimize shading and maximize available roof space for the panels.

    Solar Roof 3

  3. Minimize shade and obstructions: Avoid shading that can be caused from neighboring trees or other obstructions around your property. These can reduce the production of your panels. Consider cutting back branches or trees if they cannot be avoided.
  4. Collect specs on electronic devices: The challenge of designing a Solar system for new construction is the unknown factor of how much electricity the building will consume. It’s highly recommended to collect all of the spec sheets and quantities of appliances, light fixtures and other electrical devices. This will help calculate an estimated system size for your prospective Solar project.

    Light Fixtures

  5. Electrical considerations: When designing the electrical systems, keep in mind that a conduit must be installed running from the roof to the main electrical system, and that it has the right specifications to handle solar. Ensure that there is space near the panel for an inverter and other solar components.

  6. Work with an Energy Consultant: Solar can be complicated. It might be difficult to figure out which panels, system capacity and financing option is right for you. Working with an Energy Consultant to guide you through this process can be relieving and ensure you’re gaining the maximum efficiency from your solar installation.

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